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'Health is wealth' is a famous saying that has a deep secret hidden in it.
HealthPray is redefining the word 'healthy' with its services.
We believe that every person who connects with HealthPray motivates us towards creating a healthy life. Therefore, we try to become their guide-cum-partner in this journey towards uncovering the secret hidden within a healthy body and a nourished mind.
When are we stuck in a problematic situation, who will be the very first person to know this? It will obviously be our parents or some near and dear ones, and it will be so because we know that they care for us. Being a healthcare service providing organization, we too care for you the same way as your parents and near ones.
Our healthcare journey with you includes the following services provided by us –

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Health Check

All diseases do not show their symptoms at the very beginning of their development. Sometimes, a particular disease may be diagnosed at its last stage because it didn’t show any symptom. Our routine health checks and 360° assessment is for assuring that your healthy body outside is actually healthy from the inside.


It happens sometimes that we want to choose a healthy life and work towards it, but lack of expert’s advice makes our efforts go in vain or waste our time. Our wellness coaches and a team of experts will guide you towards the right path. Healthy living is not limited to a healthy body; our mind also requires nourishment. HealthPray provides various services for stress management, life coaching, discovering ones inner strengths and focusing on positive aspects of our life.

Self-Management Of Chronic Health Conditions

In reality, many people have to deal with one or more chronic(long running) health conditions in their lifetmes -and that chronic conditions do not necessarily signify poor health or wellbeing. With HealthPray frameworks, we enable individuals with health conditions taking responsibility for managing thier symptoms to that extent that is possible, while collabrating with healthcare professionals.

Elderly Care

We know that you all care about your parents and want the best services for them. We provide the best medical care plan for them so that we can play a small part in reducing your worries and concerns.

Corporate Care

An employee works with dedication where he/she is being cared for. Our plans developed for the health care of employees will generate a sense of belongingness amongst them, and the results will be in the form of increased productivity, motivated employees and positive approach towards situations. What else does an employee wish for?

Diagnose Me

For a disease to be completely cured, it is very important to know about its root cause. This is possible only by timely and expert diagnosis. Improper diagnosis would lead towards an incorrect direction for the treatment. The diagnosis service is a step by step process to know about the root cause of a health concern.

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