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About Us

HealthPray is a leading healthcare organization which is working towards a healthy and happy life for people. We as a healthcare organization want to create awareness about health and its benefits. Fitness is a combination of mental and physical health.
Many of us fail to realize that our life is limited, and we need to make the utmost use of the time we have. HealthPray is one such organization that is constantly working towards making your life an ideal one. Most of the people follow the concept of eat-sleep-repeat, without even caring about its consequences in the future. We want to make being healthy a priority rather than an option.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the best services in the field of healthcare and serve mankind with a healthy and prosperous life for its existence.

How we do

  • Personalized care, covering all aspects of one's health.
  • Internet platform, electronic medical records, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Network of skilled and experienced doctors, specialists and nurses.
  • Low cost, convenient, accurate and secure.


  • Privacy of customers
    • Taking care of privacy and security of customer's medical data at every stage.
  • Integrity
    • We work in honest, open and respectful manner.
  • Compassion
    • We serve everyone like our close family member.

With our pure devotion in the field of health care and dedication towards making our society better, we conceived the idea of HealthPray. With its quality services and dedicated efforts towards making the world health conscious, HealthPray has made a special place in the hearts of many people.
HealthPray is a hope for all people, in order to guide them towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. The core area of HealthPray includes preventive health checks, chronic health issues management, elderly care, wellness and etc. We know about the difficulties faced by busy working people in maintaining a good health, hence we have come up with solutions such as corporate wellness where companies care about their employee’s health. An early diagnosis is also provided for an early treatment of the disease. Maintaining a healthy routine is the most difficult of all the steps that are needed to be followed. We assure to be there for you at each stage for motivating you to work further.
We know the value of your health and we care the most about it. Whether it’s your parents or your employees we guarantee you that our services won’t disappoint you at any stage. Your personal health is also important for us and hence we also have plans that would provide services at your doorstep. Busy or working days won’t come in the list of excuses from now on.

Our Vision

We envision our health care services to be beneficial for every individual in the world so that he or she can avoid preventable health issues and the ones with chronic health conditions to live a fulfilled life with no worries about his or her health conditions.

By 2025, we will

Be the self sustaining science & technology enabled platform backed with network of high quality health and wellness care providers, helping billions of people around the world in preventive healthcare and managing chronic health conditions.

Our Speciality

We are leading in provision of services for preventive and chronic health care field. We have an expert team of doctors and professionals for your appropriate treatment. We posses all the qualities that guide you towards a perfect health care routine.

Early and correct diagnosis

Cost effective treatment

Experienced team of doctors

Well trained and support staff

A mission to ensure the best health of majority of individuals on this planet

The points mentioned above are the key features of our organization. We serve for a purpose to care for the biggest treasure provided by nature i.e. a healthy body.

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