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  Hypertension can be said as the most neglected part of the health care routine. The average number of patients affected with hypertension is much more than any other disease. Therefore, we can notice a remarkable increase in heart strokes and cardiac arrests in these recent years. Cardiac issues are not only limited to older people or senior citizens; many of them start facing these issues in their early 40’s.

Hypertension, which is also known as ‘silent killer‘ can damage your heart as well as affect your kidneys, brain, lungs and some other vital body parts. How can we ignore such a major disease?

Our Hypertension management team provides many services that would control and have a check on your blood pressure. Hypertension can be controlled with a combination of various exercises and by following a healthy lifestyle. Health pray offers an expert’s advice to guide you on the path of management of hypertension.

The services provided by the hypertension management team are –

  • Diet plans
  • Exercises for maintaining your ideal health
  • Vascular screening
  • Cardiovascular profile
  • Regular monitoring of your blood pressure
  • Management of stress

   When visiting your doctor on a regular basis can become irregular due to busy schedules, we provide all these services at your home. The state of the art process and the experienced medical team works towards hypertension management at your home.

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