Elderly Care

  Nothing is more painful than watching your parents suffer in the old age. Being responsible parents, they have fulfilled their duties and now it is your time to pay it back to them. Your busy schedules will not make it possible for you to spend most of your time with them. Hence, we have developed elderly care plans for your parents.

Being in hospitals under observation all the time can make them feel uncomfortable, and hence, we provide regular visits to them to ensure the safety of their health. It is necessary for them to feel happy and comfortable. This will help them recover fast from any dysfunctions of the body.

What are the things included in our Elderly care package?

  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Monthly physician consultation
  • Managing basic clinical care procedure and checking vital parameters
  • Care for bed-ridden and paralytic patients
  • Continuous care for post-surgery or critically ill patients

   We understand your care and concern for your parents and hence, we provide them with the best quality care and consultation. Specially trained nurses and caretakers are provided so that they can monitor the health of your elders and inform the physicians to make a record of their health. Our physicians will call you on a regular basis and inform you about their health and recovery status.

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