Routine Health Check

Thyrocare AAROGYAM B Profile

This blood tests profile from the Thyrocare consists of 60 tests screening cholesterol, liver, kidney, and Thyroid, iron deficiency, complete haemogram and diabetes tests(sugar level and HbA1c)
This package is suitable for people of age around 35 to 40 both male and female.

Blood samples will be collected from your home address by the Thyrocare phlebotomist. You need to be on 10-12 hours fasting before the samples collection.

₹ 580/-


  • Complete Blood Count (28 parameters)
  • Iron deficiency check(3 parameters)
  • Complete Cholesterol Test (8 parameters)
  • Liver Profile (11 parameters)
  • Kidney Function Test (5 parameters)
  • Thyroid Function Tests (T3,T4 and TSH)
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation(SpO2) Check
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Diabetes Profile (HbA1c and Average Blood Glucose)