Chronic Health Condition Management

Personalised health check & monitoring plan

We monitor the current state of the chronic conditions and any physical and emotional symptoms. The plan is decided once initial assessment is done.
List of checkups depending on the health conditions.
The monitoring frequency depends on the health conditions - every month to every hour.
Cost depends on the tests we do and how often we monitor.
You get the current report at any time. Get an analysis report of your symptoms and reading trends.

₹ 90/- for the initial assessment


  • Our experienced nurse visit to your home for the current health condition assessment. They would coordinate with remote doctors if necessary.
  • We will do the vitals checks like Blood Pressure, heart and breathing rates and SPO2 check.
  • We will test the blood sugar level
  • We will do the assessment using the HealthPray Health Questionnaires®
  • We will discuss the the monitoring and checkup plan with you.